How To Do SEO and Google Ranking

SEO is all about getting your information about your niches down and out onto the computer screen. When you’re thinking about that niche that you’re going to be targeting, it’s best to think about all the possible keywords that could possibly be some that you might rank for.

How To Do SEO

Google Keyword Tool

One of the best tools in the internet marketers’ toolbox is the handy Google keyword planner tool in Adwords. I can’t think of a website where I didn’t use this at least once to check on the competition and number of views for a given keyword. Apart from giving you information on your own keywords, it thinks of all the related ones as well and gives that to you in an easy to view excel file.

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Since Google is the search engine that you’re going to be targeting, it is the most relevant information because they collect all the numbers themselves. You get to see figures like the exact number of people search for your keyword and can then match that up with your position on the search engine to see if your visitor total is adding up correctly.

Next on doing SEO would have to be being able to accurately describe things while using your keyword. A good internet article includes information that is about one niche and doesn’t vary back and forth between all sorts of ideas. This way the search engine can go in and knows exactly what your talking about and will focus its energy to put you high up on the listings for your particular niche.

What About PageRank?

Of course, PageRank! I was just getting to that. The number one deciding factor of Google moving your website is how much pagerank batteries you have with links pointing from them to you. These backlinks are what is going to tell Google that your website is better than the rest and worth ranking highly on their search engine.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the high PR sites but once you buckle down and really think about where they might be, you’ll notice that it isn’t too difficult to find them and once you get a few you’ll see that your websites are ranking easier than ever.

These are only a few of the things about SEO that you might want to be thinking about. There’s always tons of different strategies to take so it’s up to you to think of new ones for yourself!

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